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How To - Configure a Customer Web Portal Banner

System LocationWeb / Member Portal

The customer web portal banner is located in the top-most area of all pages within the portal and can be fully customized using HTML.  If using images, it is recommended that the combined width of the images does not exceed 1024 pixels to accommodate for the majority of web viewers.  For design purposes, a maximum height of 150 pixels is suggested.

Uploading the Image(s)

    Main Article: Upload a Portal Image

If the banner will consist of images, they must first be uploaded as "Hosted Image" types, which will allow them to be referenced in HTML code.  After finishing uploads, make sure to gather the image reference URLs as shown in the article above.  Furthermore, it is recommended that all re-sizing is performed before uploading images to the application.

Configuring the Banner

System Location: Web / Member Portal / Portal Text

In the above system location, change the "Category" dropdown to "Banner".  Once the page refreshes, click the "Edit" link next to the selection.

The above actions will enter edit mode for the portal banner area.  At this point, the on-screen editor can be used to modify the banner area content.  Once completed, make sure to use one of the "Save" links to store changes.

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