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Referrer Tracking Settings

System LocationPromotions / Referrer Tracking / Referrer Tracking Settings

Referrer Tracking Settings control system functionality related to member referrals.  If enabled, referral information can be processed via enrollment and via web services.

Managing Referrer Tracking Settings

To alter referrer settings, begin by clicking the "Edit Referrer Tracking Settings" link at the top of the page.

  • Enable Referrer Tracking - If checked, referrer tracking is enabled.
    • Use Player Account Id to Track Referrers - Allows enrolling members to supply a referrer's account Id.
    • Use Custom Referrer Codes to Track Referrers - Enrolling members must supply a valid referrer code.
      • Allow Referrer Code to Expire In Day(s) From Issue Date - If enabled, referrer codes will expire X days after being issued, per the corporate timezone end-of-day.

Changes will take effect immediately after the settings have been saved.

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