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Points Available

Points available (or available points), is the point balance that can be used for redemption of vouchers, most commonly choice rewards.

The calculation of available points is the end result of (points earned - points used - abs(points deducted) - points expired).

In the above example, "abs" refers to the absolute value.  Points deducted are represented by a negative number, so in the equation above, it is treated as a positive number.


In the lifetime of member account 1001:

  • 417.83 points have been earned.
  • 157.00 points have been used.
  • 37.50 points have expired.
  • -14.50 points have been deducted.

The available point balance is (417.83 - 157.00 - Abs(-14.50) - 37.50 - 0.0).

This simplifies to (417.83 - 157.00 - 14.50 - 37.50) = 208.83 points available.

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