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Greeting Video Set

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greeting video set is a group of device greeting videos that are configured to display to selected clubs when certain triggers are activated by member usage of the SBLP Kiosk Application.  These triggers take place at or immediately after starting a kiosk session.

Currently, these triggers include:

Upload Device Greeting Video(s)

    Main Article: Upload a Device Video

To utilize greeting videos in the set, they must be first be uploaded into the "Video Library".

Managing a Greeting Video Set

Click "Add Greeting Video Set" at the top of the page to begin set creation.  Alternately, click "Edit" in the grid underneath the "Select to" column to access the edit page where the name can be altered, or an unused set can ba deleted.

On the following page, name the set, then click "Save" to save changes.

Assigning Videos to a Greeting Video Set

After the set has been created, videos need to be assigned to the set.  Clicking "Edit" from the main grid underneath the "Items" column enters the item management mode.

To assign a video to the set, click the "Add Item" link above the management grid.  Alternately, an existing assignment can be modified or removed by first clicking "Edit" within the grid for the associated item.

Once on the management page, the video, video type (trigger), and eligible club(s) can be configured.  Always remember to click the "Save" button to store changes and the "Discard" button when not committing changes.

After this, you will need to assign the set to a device profile, if it is a new greeting video set.

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