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Device Control

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The Device Control page allows for the remote maintenance of kiosks utilizing the ALP SaaS Kiosk Application.  While the Devices page controls the media and overall functionality of specific kiosks from a program standpoint, the Device Control page is specific to operational mode changes and maintenance procedures.

The following tasks can be performed from within this page:

  • Place In Service - Places the kiosk into fully operational "in service" mode.
  • Place Out of Service - Places the kiosk into "out of service" mode, in which it cannot be accessed by members and will display the "out of service" image referenced in it's profile.
  • Place In Attract Mode Only - Places the kiosk in a "demo mode" in which it will display the attraction media set referenced in it's profile.
  • Reset Device - Forces a restart of the kiosk application.  Mainly used in troubleshooting in order to force the kiosk to re-grab necessary media and options.
  • Check for Device Upgrade - Forces an ALP SaaS Kiosk Application upgrade check.  Mainly used for troubleshooting.
  • Clear Any Pending Action - Clears all pending operations (listed above) that have not yet taken effect.

Using Device Control

Select the appropriate category in the "Device Category" dropdown, then select the appropriate device in the "Devices in Category" dropdown.  Finally, click the button representing the appropriate action.


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