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Location Message

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location message works in conjunction with a point-of-sale message promotion to provide location-specific messaging in point-of-sale portal related web services.

Create a Point-Of-Sale Message Promotion

    Main Article: Point-Of-Sale Message Promotion

In order to leverage location-specific messaging via the point-of-sale portal, there must be an active point-of-sale message promotion.

Manage a Location Message

First, select the appropriate business unit and location in the dropdowns above the grid.  After the page has loaded, click the "Add Location Message" link to add a new message.  Alternately, clicking the "Edit" link within the grid will allow for modification or deletion of the message on the followup page.

Once on the management page, the business unit and location can be altered if they were incorrectly selected before entering this page.

  • Active Date Range - The selected date range will automatically govern the date span in which the message will be included within relevant transactions.

Message Content

The message textbox defines the message that will be delivered via this location message.  Dynamic content is also available via the "Dynamic Place Holders" dropdown.  After selecting the appropriate parameter, it can be added to the message by clicking the "Add Selected Place Holder to Message" link.

After the message is appropriately configured, click the "Save" button to finalize changes.

Disabling a Location Message

The location message will disable automatically after the date range has passed.  To forcibly disable a location message, either alter the end date and change to a previous date, or delete the message.  Either of these options can be performed from the management page which can be accessed by clicking the "Edit" link for the appropriate message.

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