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Program Enrollment Reward Promotion

System Location: Promotions / Enrollment Promotions / Program Enrollment Reward Promotion

Program Enrollment Reward Promotion will automatically an internal reward to eligible members directly after their enrollment into the program.  The reward will be issued to eligible members in a pending status.

Creating an Internal Reward

    Main Article: Internal Reward

The existence of a relevant internal reward is necessary for issuance via this promotion.

Managing a Program Enrollment Reward Promotion

To create a new promotion, click the "Add" link at the top of the page.  Alternately, an existing promotion can be modified by clicking the "Edit" link next to the associated promotion within the main grid.  Modifying an existing promotion will not affect rewards that have already been issued.  Furthermore, unused promotions can also be deleted from the edit page.

The first two text boxes require entry of the promotion name and description, which are used internally.

  • Program - The eligible program that members must be enrolled into.  Most databases only have one program.
  • Reward Type - The internal reward that will be issued to qualifying enrollments.
  • Business Unit & Location - If the program enrollment does not have origination details (unusual), than the promotional transaction will inherit this business unit & location.
  • Location Descriptor - If used, only locations assigned to the selected descriptor will qualify for the promotion.
  • Active Date Range - The date range in which enrollments must occur to qualify.

After saving, the promotion will be active within the specified date ranges.

Disabling a Program Enrollment Reward Promotion Prematurely

To disable a program enrollment promotion prematurely, edit an existing promotion by clicking "Edit" within the main grid next to the associated promotion.  Altering the end of the date range to a prior date than the current will prevent all but retroactive enrollments from receiving the reward.  It is recommended to store the used dates within the description for further reference.

Viewing Program Enrollment Reward Promotion Statistics

Clicking "Stats" within the main grid will provided promotion-related statistics.


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