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Device Coupon Promotion

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device coupon promotion governs the issuance of coupons via the SBLP Kiosk Application.  Upon a member swiping at the kiosk, any active device coupon promotions will be checked and any coupons will be automatically printed if the member is eligible and the kiosk is configured to issue coupons.

Creating Coupon(s)

    Main Article: Coupon

Each device coupon promotion can manage up to five coupons, issuing one at random to an eligible member.  However, only one coupon is necessary.

Managing a Device Coupon Promotion

To create a new device coupon promotion, click the "Add Device Coupon Promotion" link on the aforementioned system page.  Furthermore, an existing device coupon promotion may be modified by clicking "Edit" within the grid for the associated promotion.   Modifying an existing promotion does not affect coupons that have already been issued.  An unused device coupon promotion can also be deleted from the edit page.  

The following parameters are configurable via the promotion management page:

  • Check to Archive - Only leave this option unchecked, if the coupon promotion should be "live" immediately after saving.  Otherwise, check this checkbox to leave the promotion archived.
  • Coupon Promotion Status - Checked this will archive the promotion, rendering it unable to issue coupons.  This option is necessary to disable irrelevant promotions and can also be used to create promotions ahead of time without having it issue coupons.
  • Promotion Type - Sets the limitation on how often a member can receive a coupon via this promotion.
  • Enable Promotion on Portal - If checked, the coupon(s) can be accessed via the customer web portal using the "coupon offers" module type.
  • Coupon Preferred Print Order - In the event that the member is eligible to receive coupons from multiple promotions, this option will instruct the kiosk on the preferred ordering of the coupon print.
  • Location Descriptor - Only kiosks associated with the specified location descriptor will be eligible.  This is optional, as "Valid For All Locations" can be selected to include all locations.
  • Promotion Issue Limit - Enforces the total limit of coupons issued based on the promotion type period selected above.
  • Coupons #1-5 - The coupon entered will be issued to eligible members.  If more than one is entered, than the member will receive one at random.  The randomness of the coupons is weighted equally.
  • Eligible Members - Check the appropriate club(s) and/or segment(s) to specify eligible members.  Members only need to be in one of the selected.

After saving the promotion, it is active and able to issue coupons unless the "archive" option was checked.

Disabling a Device Coupon Promotion

To disable a device coupon promotion, edit the promotion, check the "Coupon Promotion Status" checkbox, then save the promotion.

Viewing Device Coupon Promotion Statistics

Click "Stats" next to the associated promotion within the grid to view related statistics.

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