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Portal Main Menu Item

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portal main menu item is comparable to a tab or main page on the customer web portal.

Managing a Portal Main Menu Item

Click the "Add Main Menu Item" at the top of the page to proceed with the creation of a main menu item.  

Alternately, selecting the menu item, then clicking the "Edit" link in the right area of the page will allow edits to an existing item.

  • Portal Menu Item Name - The public name of the page as it will appear in the tab or link.
  • Menu Item is Visible - Unchecking this checkbox will quickly hide the item.  The visibility of  "Home" cannot be changed.
  • External Reference - The external reference of the menu item.
  • Security - Only members within the clubs and/or segments that are checked, will be able to access the item.  The security of  "Home" cannot be changed.

Changing the Display Order of an Item

To change the order of the main menu items, click the "Edit Main Menu Items Display Order" link in the right area of the page.  After making the appropriate changes, save the order.

Managing Page Modules

    Main Article: Customer Web Portal Module Management

Portal modules define the type of content, as well as their location within the customer web portal.

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