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Facebook App Settings

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The settings on this page affect the display and functionality of the Facebook Application.

General Settings

  • Facebook Image - The image that will display in the logo portion of the application.  The image must first be uploaded to the Facebook Image Library.
  • Facebook App Interaction - If enabled, loyalty members that use the application will receive an interaction.
  • Facebook App Timezone - The timezone that the application will use when displaying any time-related information.
  • Business Unit - The business unit that the application should be associated with.
  • Location - The location that the application should be associated with.

Menu Items

If enabled, the menu item(s) will be displayed.

  • My Messages - Eligible message(s) as configured by web message promotion(s).
  • My Points Summary - Basic member point balances.
  • My Account - Basic member information including primary account number, name, address, primary phone number, Email addresses, and birthday.
  • Polls - Applicable poll(s).
  • Survey - Applicable survey(s).
  • Trivia - Applicable trivia(s).
  • Promotions - Applicable web-related promotions, such as the product code and key code promotions.
  • Permissions - Enables permissions (controlled by the loyalty member App user) that allow ALP SaaS to post event admissions and/or location admissions to the Facebook user's wall.  This is dependent on the facebook profile being setup within the loyalty member account.
  • My Rewards - Allows members to view their reward history.
  • Coupon Offers - Allows members to access coupons offered at the portal via the device coupon promotion.
  • Activity - Allows members to view their transactional activity history.
  • Reservations - Allows members to view their reservation history.
  • Preferences - Allows members to view and change "public" member custom field data.
  • Reward Store - Allows members to redeem points for choice rewards.
  • Deal of the Day - Allows members to participate in the active deal of the day promotion.

Detail Settings

  • Default Menu After Login - The menu that is displayed after login.
  • Force Password Change if Temporary Password - If enabled, members who have been assigned temporary passwords will be prompted to reset their password.
  • Poll Set - The poll set that will be displayed, if poll menu items are enabled for display.
  • Survey Set - The survey set that will be displayed, if survey menu items are enabled for display.
  • Trivia Set - The trivia set that will be displayed, if trivia menu items are enabled for display.
  • Point Values to Display - The point totals to display, if the "My Points Summary" menu item is enabled for display.
  • Allow to See Transaction Details - If enabled, detail links will be provided for transactions listed on the Activity menu.
  • Allow to See Reward Details - If enabled, detail links will be provided for rewards listed on the My Rewards menu.
  • Allow to Edit Member Contact Info - If enabled, members can change their contact information.
  • Enable Issue of Rewards - If enabled, members can redeem rewards via the reward store.
  • Email Reset Style - The information requested from the member in the event that they need to use "Password Help" and do not have an Email on file.

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