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Attraction Media Set

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An attraction media set is a group of device attract images and device attract videos that are configured to display during the attract mode of the SBLP Kiosk Application.  Once the set reaches the end of the configured media, it will perpetually cycle through until a loyalty member accesses it.

Creating an Attraction Media Set

An attraction media set is comprised of images and/or videos.  In order to create a fully functional set, the media must be uploaded prior to set creation.

Upload Device Attract Image(s)

    Main Article: Upload a Device Image

To utilize images in the set, they must be first be uploaded into the "Image Library".

Upload Device Attract Video(s)

    Main Article: Upload a Device Video

To utilize videos in the set, they must be first be uploaded into the "Video Library".

Create the Attraction Media Set

Click "Add Attraction Media Set" at the top of the page.  Alternately, click "Edit" in the grid to modify an existing set.

On the following page, name the set, check off the appropriate media to display, then click "Save" to save changes.  The media will be played in the order that it was uploaded into the system.

After completing the alterations of an attraction media set, the device profile may need to be configured to play from this set depending on the existing configuration.

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