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Background Image Set

System LocationDevices / Images / Background Image Sets

background image set is a group of device background images that are configured to display in the backgrounds of various pages within the SBLP Kiosk Application.  Various page types can be configured to display their own background image within the set.

Background Image Set Option Pages

  • Card Swipe - Page where the card is being swiped for entry.
  • Ticket Swipe - Page where the ticket is being swiped for entry (if applicable).
  • Survey - Page where the survey is presented (if applicable).
  • Greeting - Page where the device greeting video is presented (if applicable).
  • "Redeem Points Prompt" - Page that the loyalty member is presented with after initial swipe, survey, and greeting videos are completed.
  • Choice Reward List - Page where the choice rewards are presented for redemption (if applicable).
  • Security Check - Page where the PIN is required for choice reward redemption (if applicable).

Creating a Background Image Set

In order to create a fully functional set, the device background images must be uploaded prior to set creation.

Upload Background Image(s)

    Main Article: Upload a Device Image

To utilize images in the set, they must be first be uploaded into the "Image Library".

Create the Background Image Set

Click "Add Background Image Set" at the top of the page to begin set creation.  Alternately, click "Edit" in the grid to modify an existing set.

On the following page, name the set, specify the appropriate pages to display, then click "Save" to save changes.

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