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Upload a Device Image

System LocationDevices / Images / Image Library

Uploading a device image is necessary to build a background image set, or attraction media set for your kiosk's device profile.

Upload Your Image

Once you have created or have attained your image and verify it will match the display resolution of the kiosk (recommended: 1024x768), navigate to the aforementioned system location and click "Add Image" at the top of the page to proceed.  Alternately, you can replace an existing image by clicking "Edit" in the grid for the associated image entry.

Choose the appropriate image type

device background image is used in a background image set, while a device attract image is used in an attraction media set.  It is important to pick the correct image type before proceeding.

Select and save the image

Once the image name and type have been selected, click the "Select" button and choose the file.  Once back on the page, click the "Save Device Image" button to finish.

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