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Each kiosk that will utilize the SBLP Kiosk Application requires a device profile.  Device profiles are setup in the aforementioned system location and define a variety of parameters that allow for customization of the kiosk display and also its usability.

Databases start with several device profiles that can be modified.

Preliminary Setup Items

Although optional, preliminary setup of the following items are highly recommended and should be considered before creation of device profiles.

Device Category

    Main Article: Category

Having device categories allows for better organizations of "like" devices.  It is recommended to have at least one device category.

Out of Service Image

    Main Article: Upload a Device Image

device background image that serves as an "out of service" notice should be uploaded.

Attraction Media Set

    Main Article: Attraction Media Set

An attraction media set can display images and/or videos while the kiosk is not currently in use by a member.

Background Image Set

    Main Article: Background Image Set

Although the background image set is technically not required, it is a necessity for a pleasant user experience.

Managing a Device Profile

To create a new device profile, click the "Add Device" link at the top of the page.  Alternately, to edit an existing profile, change the "Device Category" dropdown to the appropriate category, then click the "Edit" link within the grid for the associated profile.

  • Device - Enter an unused device number between 1000 and 6000.  This will act as the Device Id.
  • Device Category - Select the appropriate category for this device.
  • Device Description - Enter a concise description for the device.  This will appear within various Device grids within the application, so it is best to be specific.
  • Business Unit - The business unit that this device and it's actions will be associated with.
  • Location - The location that this device and it's actions will be associated with.
  • Default Program - The program that this device and it's actions will be associated with.
  • Out of Service Image - The device background image that will be used if the kiosk is set to "out of service" mode within the Device Control page.
  • Device Timezone - The timezone in which the physical kiosk is located..
  • Inactive Timeout (secs) - The amount of necessary inactivity in seconds that will cause the kiosk to log the member off and run in attract mode.
  • Attract Image Time (secs) - The amount of seconds that a media item within the attraction media set will be displayed before cycling onto the next item.
  • Device Options
    • Issue Coupons - If checked, the kiosk will have the ability to print coupons.
    • Issue Rewards Pending Delivery - If checked, the kiosk will have the ability to print rewards that are active and have not been delivered.
    • Use Video Greetings - If checked, the kiosk has the ability to display videos if a greeting video set is assigned.
    • Prompt to Redeem Points - If checked, choice rewards will be offered.
    • Use 'PIN' for Verification on Redemption - If checked, all members attempting to redeem for a choice reward will be prompted with a PIN entry page, rather than the confirmation swipe page.
    • Enable Surveys - If checked, the kiosk has the ability to offer a survey upon members swiping in.  The displayed survey depends on the configuration within Program Question Settings.
    • Poll Printer for Paper Status - If checked, the kiosk will attempt to poll the printer for paper status.  This option is only compatible and tested with some Practical Automation ticket-based printers.

Media Sets

A device profile can be assigned an attraction media set, background image set, and greeting video set at the bottom of the page.  If multiple programs are used (unusual), each program can have it's own assignments.

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