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question in the ALP SaaS refers to a general survey or trivia question.  A question can only be answered by a loyalty member once per question set.  Before building a question pair, or presenting a question set, the individual question(s) must be created within the "Question Library".

Creating a Question

On the "Question Library" page, click the "Add Question" at the top of the page.  Alternately, existing questions can be modified by clicking "Edit" next to the associated question in the grid.

If multiple languages are being used, content for those can be managed using the links in the "Other Languages" column in the main grid.

Question Name vs. Question

The "question name" is the internal name for the question, while the "question" data represents how the question will be presented to the loyalty member.

Question Type

General survey and poll questions can be used interchangeably (if they are single answer).  However, trivia questions can only be used in trivia sets.


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