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parimutuel track in the ALP SaaS most commonly represents a physical horse- or dog-racing track that wagers are accepted on.  Rarely, a tote provider may decide to program a special bet type as a track within the tote player tracking data.  

Before associating the track (or event) code with a track in the ALP SaaS, the parimutuel track must first be created using the aforementioned page.

Managing a Parimutuel Track

First, select the appropriate category within the category dropdown above the main grid.

To create a new parimutuel track, click the "Add Parimutuel Track" link at the top of the aforementioned page.  Alternately, to edit an existing or delete an unused existing track, click the "Edit" link within the grid for the associated track.


Changes to the transaction point formula will only be propagated to locations created after the change is saved, unless the associated check boxes are checked.  Individual location defaults can be altered within the Calendar menu.

Parimutuel Track Descriptors

    Main Article: Descriptor

Track descriptors are very important in performing track-specific bonus promotions.

Managing a Parimutuel Track Binding

    Main Article: Parimutuel Track Binding

When a new track is created, or when an existing track code is changed, the binding between the code and track must be altered.


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