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Intended Application

Returns the following data related to point expiration for a single member: 

  • Date and time that the point expiration process last occurred.
  • The next six dates when point expiration is scheduled with the expected amount of points to expire at each scheduled date.



  • One of two identifiers can be supplied (Account Id or Internal Member Id).  If both are supplied, the Account Id is given preference and is used to retrieve the member.  If no Internal Member Id is available, enter -1 for this field.
  • In order for the FetchMemberNextPointsToExpire process to run, Next Point Expiration Calculation needs to be enabled by ALP SaaS Support for the system and "Enable Member Calculated Next Point Expiration" needs to be selected for the Point Expiration Batch (System Location: Tools > Point Expiration > Add or Edit).
  • If the member qualifies for multiple expirations, the expiration process with the lower point age day amount is used.


Input Parameters



WS Security Token




Account Id Alphanumeric Yes/No   See Article Notes
Internal Member Id Integer Yes/No   See Article Notes


Possible Return Codes

0,1,2,100,101,102,5000, 6048, 6049, 6050

Additional error codes may be generated. Their descriptions can be found by calling GetReturnCodeMessage.


More Information

Detailed Method Page

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