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The new ALP SaaS Login Screen

Introduced with ALP SaaS version 2018.6, users will see a brand new login screen when they access the application. It's important to note that each users' credentials will not change. The login screen is simply a refreshed look. The address to login, the credentials required and what sits beyond the login screen remains unchanged.

The login screen will look something like this:

When announcing priority information, users will see the same login screen each time they access the ALP SaaS application. Once that information is no longer priority, users will see a range of screens with unique content.

The items on the right side of the new login screen will typically link to relevant content on the ALP SaaS Resource Site. That content may include new release notes, feature documentation, white papers and how-to articles.

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Please note: All external ALP SaaS links and references are directed to US datacenter unless specifically noted.

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