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Customer Relationship

System LocationEnterprise / Customer Relationships

customer relationship acts as a mechanism for grouping multiple databases under an "umbrella".  Within the management page, security settings can be altered that affects all databases within the customer relationship.

Furthermore, each user login belongs to a customer relationship, which means a user login can, but is not necessarily able to access every database within the relationship.  This ability is dependent on the user login having a user profile created on the database level.

  • Password Requirements - Controls security regarding login passwords.
    • Min. Password Length ## Characters
    • Require Letters And Numbers Yes or No
    • Require At Least One Capital Letter Yes or No
    • Require At Least One Non-Letter/Number Yes or No
    • Password Expires in ### day(s)  (Actual expiration is in hours, 24 hours per day)
  • Lockout After X attempts for Y minutes - When users are locked out, functionality is available within the Enterprise menu to unlock them.
  • Password History Limit - If enabled, users can't change their password to any of the previous X passwords entered here.  The password being changed does not count toward this number.


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